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Premium Programmers, Inc was started in 1978 selling to the corporate marketplace. We are a full service marketing company specializing in corporate identity, premium and incentives and fulfillment. We represent some of the finest brands available to the Incentive and ASI markets.  We are proud to serve the following Industries helping them with their customer incentive programs as well as their employee incentive programs, by providing high quality, well know branded products. 



Insurance Industry

Insurance companies are always interested in finding new items to promote their products and services.  A dental company may giveaway imprinted dental floss and toothbrushes. One of our customers gave out 50,000 packages of dental floss to brokers and end users.


Another customer required an online company store. We put together a store with over 100 different items, pens, power banks, shirts, mugs and many other items.  This company allows  their branches to purchase items with their advertising allowances to use at tradeshows and sales giveaways. 


Insurance companies aim for new and interesting products to attract brokers and consumers to outdo their rivals.




Banking Promotions:

Banks are vying for business these days due to their decrease in profits. One way to bring more customers in to the bank is to offer a free gift.     Who doesn’t want to get a free gift when they open an account. Some of the items we have used are: coolers, beach towels, toasters , blenders and phones. The success rate has been phenomenal , one financial institution brought in over 10,000 new customers.




Casino Promotions

The only way to bring the masses in to the casinos is to provide them with gifts!  The most common promotions are high roller giveaways and shopping sprees.  The casino will send a card to their players advertising a certain day they must come in to pick up their gift.

 One of the most successful promotions we have done was a watch giveaway.  We brought in over 400 styles for the players to choose, ranging from $25.00 up to $1000.00. Depending upon the amount of play they did, the player would receive funny money to purchase their watches. We sold over 5000 watches in one night!





Whether you need employee incentives or customer give aways, we can help you get just the right product!  Our team provides creative ideas and solutions to help you maximize your presence to your customers and also within your companies with incentive programs that work!











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